Colorado Freedom Law Center

Colorado Springs DUI, Criminal Defense, and Immigration Attorneys

We are Mike Harris and Bill Holtz, Colorado Springs defense attorneys who each have our own private firms.  We handle DUI and traffic defense, all felonies and misdemeanors, juvenile delinquency, and immigration cases.  Immigration law expert Jesse Damon works with us “as of counsel” on a case by case basis on immigration matters.  We work at both the trial and appeal levels in state, federal, and military court.

While we handle criminal work primarily in El Paso County, we travel throughout the state, especially to the counties of Arapahoe, Denver, Douglas, Fremont, Pueblo, and Teller.  We handle immigration matters nationwide.

Former Prosecutor, Military Attorney, and State Defender Fighting for You

Mike is a former Colorado and Florida state prosecutor and Navy JAG.  Bill is a former Colorado state defender.  Both have been specially named to serious and sensitive cases due to their strong belief in aggressively fighting for justice as well as their legal knowledge.

Experience that Counts

We are known fighters in court, often called upon for difficult cases, trial and appellate work.  We each have over ten years experience and know the system having worked on all sides of criminal cases:  prosecution and defense, adult and juvenile, trial and appeal, state and federal, civilian and military.  Due to our skills in defending cases, numerous other lawyers often look to us for advice and often call upon us to take the lead in trials and serious cases.  Law enforcement officers, local politicians, and business owners have called for our help when they or their families have been in trouble.

Dedicated Fighters for Your Rights

Guilt or innocence may often be the most important thing in a case, but it is not the only part.  You may need to challenge violations of your rights, from an illegal search by the police, an unlawful interrogation or violation of your Miranda rights, to improper evidence testing.  We have had success not only in trial, but in avoiding trial by getting evidence thrown out of court.

We also have experience building mitigation cases to reduce the punishment if the evidence is against you.  We will work to show your overall character and any issues that explain how you may have gotten into trouble.

It is true that the vast majority of cases result in a plea bargain.  However, the best deals come as a result of building the best possible defense and having attorneys with strong reputations.  Whether you are looking for a fair deal or looking to challenge the case all the way, we can help. Contact us to discuss your case.